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Elektronic Updates for Oktava-Microphones

Russian Oktava-microphones are famous for their musical sound and their richness of detail, which is unbeaten in their price class. The reason for this are rock solid electronic constructions and outstanding capsules.

The electronics, however, are stacked with cheap russian made components. This on one hand leads to relatively high deviation of quality, on the other hand the potential of the capsules is by far not exhausted.


This is where our UPdates start.

In collaboration with german high-end studio equipment manufacturer magis audiobau we developed revisions of the electronics, replacing important sound-decisive electronic components by audiophile counterparts.

Among others, we use the "magis caps" capacitors, which are custom made for magis audiobau.

The result are microphones, which don`t have to fear any comparison in a price range up to 1000,00 EUR!


MK 319 original elektronics (right); update (left)

The german "Recording Magazin" wrote a review in its issue of march 2009 - you can download the article here:
Test Recording Magazin(Pdf)


MK 012 original elektronics (left); update (right)

On demand, custom-mods are also available, if you want to achieve your personal sound character.

Our modifications are carefully developed  and dissociate themselves clearly from "Oktava Mods" and do-it-yourself-experiments already available on the market!

In particular we don`t make any changes to the microphone capsules! In our tests, these lead to less musical sound and higher capsule abrasion.



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