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The best way to get a propriate listening situation is of course optimizing room acoustics and monitor speakers. Nevertheless reality is too often far from the optimal situation. We are glad to intruduce Coneq, an innovative and highly effective, yet affordable monitor optimization tool by Real Sound Lab from Latvia.

Real Sound Lab proudly presents a unique technology for automated
and detailed equalization of acoustic systems — CONEQ™ 

This simple, fast and reliable solution offers the opportunity of correction of linear distortions of electro-acoustic transduction devices of all kinds (loudspeakers, microphones) without creating of new defects. The CONEQ™ technology is
applied in two steps:


CONEQ measurement is performed by moving the microphone across the
coverage area of the loudspeaker and gathering up to 300 measurement
points in less than two minutes. A CONEQ correction filter is produced as the


The CONEQ correction filter is applied by a compatible hardware or software tool, compensating for the non-linearities in the Acoustic Power Frequency Response (APFR) of the loudspeaker.

Technology background

There are various equalizing techniques for correction of layback of different frequencies through a transduction path of acoustic signal (or simply – acoustic system). Historically this correction is done in a subjectively iterative way and is requiring remarkable experience of the person involved.

For many years there have been repeated attempts to objectify the correction of acoustic systems largely by using of sophisticated math to remove interferences or smoothen the measured curve, but regardless of how successful these attempts were, all of them featured the same shortcoming – the correction itself did create new problems of acoustic transduction, and as a consequence these automated corrections were rarely used by audio professionals in their everyday business.

The detailed equalizing technology CONEQ™ is based on the principle of evaluation of electro-acoustic transducer by its acoustic power frequency response (APFR).  CONEQ™ clearly demonstrates the advantage of acoustic power frequency response measurement for the correction. The assessment of electro-acoustic transducer is so accurate that it allows direct synthesising of the respective correction filter.

A remarkable feature of CONEQ is, that the measurement is applicable for the whole coverage area of the speaker, not only a single "sweet spot"-point.


Applications and feedback

The CONEQ™ technology has been tested with various acoustic systems in different environments: starting with simple consumer audio devices and ending with precise and sophisticated monitor systems of recording studios and reinforcement systems of live concerts.

In every case, when actually measured APFR of system was “flattened” by use of CONEQ™, subjectively experts noticed that performance of the system was improved and no artificial effects added. Typical comments were: “sound colouring is removed”, “holes are filled in”, “loudspeakers have disappeared”.

Coneq Products

The Real Sound Lab product line consists of the measurement software "Coneq Workshop", which does the measurement and filter calculations and the Coneq Plugin or the APEQ hardware which applies the resulting EQ-curves to the monitor system.

The Coneq workshop software produces *.fir files which can be loaded in the EQ soft- or hardware.

Please navigate through the menu at the left to find the specified Coneq-products.

We will be glad to do a measurement of your studio rooms with CONEQ. If you buy a Coneq-Systems we will get you back a part of the costs.




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