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Strauss Elektroakustik SE-MF1 Strauss SE-MF1 Mastering Monitor Strauss SE-MF1 Mastering Monitor
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Microphones and other studio gear should not be bought off the shelf. Today`s market being huge and confusing, it is difficult to make the right choice.

We compiled products for you, which we in our personal tests evaluated as outstanding - independant of their price. We are in bond of our own strictly audiophile and musical criteria. We do not offer products, which don`t match those criteria.

At individual consultancy by experienced studio professionals is always the main focus. All our products can be tested in the extraordinary-equipped  Amazing Sound Studios. Please get you personal testing date.

In case you can`t find you desired product here please don`t hesitate to contact us - we dont carry our complete product portfolio in this online shop. We will be glad to configure your recording setup - suited individually on your personal demands and your budget. In case of any questions please call or drop us a mail:



0049 (0) 17 1 - 925 36 69



Our parent company Tonstudio Rauschenberg is concerned with High-End Audio Distribution, building of recording studios including conception and acoustic measurement as well as installation of sound reinforcement systems. Please find further information at

Tonstudio Rauschenberg Professional Audio Consulting

The positioning of lead vocals within a mix is at the same time one of the most important and complicated challenges in studio work. Lead vocals should sound nice, should be in front of a mix and lyrics should be understandable. At the same time vocals shouldn`t be too loud, because otherwise the mix will be tiring and the rest of the playback won`t get powerful and punchy.

The right studio microphone in the right place will solve these problems by itself With the wrong microphone unexperienced users often wonder, why they are not able to get the right placement of their signals in the mix. According to these facts, it is quite obvious, that studio microphones should be individually tested under real studio conditions.


This is where our service starts:


Hire our studio for your individual microphone test. Four hours of testing will cost

only 180,00 EUR incl. german VAT.

If you by a microphone starting from 300,00 EUR you will get a credit over the whole testing price - in this case, the test will be for free!

Of course you can use those tests for monitors and other equipment as well.

Under our expert advice you will find out, which equipment is the best for your individual purpose. We record several microphones at the same time on different tracks, using Reference Master Converter by Stagetec.So we can do neutral comparisons. We also check, what the signals do within an entire mix and how the signals behave, when compressors and equalizers are used 

Because of this unique concept as well as our outstanding competence and consultation quality we were selected by the high-end manufacturer brauner.microphones to be a part of their exclusive brauner.premiumpartner - program. Furhermore we are the official test studio of the european oktava-distribution.



Tonstudio Rauschenberg / is the exclusive distributor of the Stagetec TrueMatch Reference Master Converter as well as the high-end-tube devices by the Berlin-based manufactury Black Cat Audio.

Furthermore we are demo studio for the outstanding mastering monitors by Strauss Elektroakustik from Switzerland.





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